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Michael J. Horvath

Message from our Supreme President

by Michael J. Horvath

2017 is quickly coming to an end as we are already in the middle of November and turned back our clocks to prepare us for the long winter nights that are ahead. However, there is still some important work to be done before the year comes to a close and the new one begins.

More than half of our active Groups have held their annual meeting and we wait to read what they deliberated at the meetings and what they are planning for 2018. I would like to remind the Presidents of the Groups that have not held their annual meetings there is only six weeks left before the end of the year to hold your Annual meeting. If you are having a problem organizing your annual meeting inform our Supreme Secretary, Scott T. Pogorelec, so he has a record of the issue. Please ask for help if this is what you need.

I also would like to remind our Assemblies and Wreaths now is the time to start planning your annual meetings and to send in your notice of the date and location of the meeting so they can be published in the Falcon. Meetings, especially annual meetings are so important to the existence of any organization, so I ask every member attend your annual meeting to help your Assembly or Wreath remain active and grow.

Since 1919 our country has set aside November 11 as Veterans Day, the day we honor all living and deceased men and women who served in the United States armed services. These men and women served to protect our country and way of life. We owe them so much especially our Slovak Catholic Sokol members who served. We thank you for your service.

Next Thursday we will celebrate that special day we give thanks for all of our blessings, Thanksgiving Day. Not only do we show our gratitude for all we have on Thanksgiving Day but it should also be the day we share what we have with others. I hope it is a day you can enjoy being together with family and friends to watch the many parades and sporting events to keep us awake after our hearty feasts. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

While you are with your family and friends on Thanksgiving Day mention our Society, drop the subtle hints about being a member of the Slovak Catholic Sokol and introduce them to our fraternal benefits. And, maybe, they will ask, how they can become a member.

Zdar Boh!
With God's blessings to all!


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