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The Slovak Catholic Sokol's local Groups and their Lodges are the cornerstone of the organization. Our lodges provide members the opportunity to be apart of a caring environment while supporting the community or participating in local and national activities.

Click on the dropdown box to find the nearest Group and its Local Lodges.

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Group Lodge Regional Location
1 GROUP Passaic, NJ
1 Assembly 001 Passaic, NJ
1 Assembly 024 Boonton, NJ
1 Assembly 063 Sleepy Hollow, NY
1 Assembly 162 Clifton, NJ
1 Assembly 182 New York, NY
1 Assembly 219 Yonkers, NY
1 Assembly 224 Jersey City, NJ
1 Assembly 282 Passaic, NJ
1 Assembly 299 Brooklyn, NY
1 Wreath 002 Passaic, NJ
1 Wreath 168 New York, NY
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