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Our Story

Financial Status
The Slovak Catholic Sokol sells to qualified members and has over 26,000 members, $250 million of Insurance in Force, Assets over $90 million. The organization operates on the lodge system and is licensed in ten states.

Licensed in 10 states:
ConnecticutIndianaIllinoisMassachusettsMichiganNew JerseyNew YorkOhioPennsylvania, & Wisconsin

The Slovak Catholic Sokol is an Athletic and Gymnastic Fraternal Benefit Society, incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey, as a non-for-profit Society with a ritualistic and representative form of government. It was founded in Passaic, NJ on July 4, 1905. At the present time, membership exceeds 26,000. The Slovak Catholic Sokol sells to qualified members and has over $250 million of Insurance in Force and Assets over $90 million dollars. The organization operates on the lodge system and is licensed in ten states.

The society is composed of 19 Groups and 80 Assemblies throughout the United States and Canada. They elect their own officers; carry out the prescribed rules and regulations of the Bylaws; assist their members in distress and sickness; and conduct as well as providing such legal reserve insurance benefits for its members as the Organization shall, from time to time, determine.

Thousands of dollars are donated annually to charitable organizations, churches, and members for emergencies, such as floods or other disasters. Annually over $35,000 in college, $9,500 in high school grants and $9,500 in Catholic grammar school grants are available to qualified applicants.

A financially secure organization with over $7 million of surplus. The Slovak Catholic Sokol is a Fraternal Benefit Society, which has issued dividends annually to its members since 1962. The organization provides financial support to helps its members perform educational, religious, patriotic and benevolent activities that benefit individuals and institutions in their local communities and states.
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