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Michael J. Horvath

Message from our Supreme President

by Michael J. Horvath

Sometimes no matter how hard we try or want things to go away, improve or get better we must be patient since it always takes time. This is what we went through during the past sixteen months as we waited for Covid-19 to be conquered. The virus is still out there lurking and mutating but we are protected because of the vaccines that were created to vaccinate us so we can get back to socializing and a near normal pre Covid existence. We can celebrate this success though let us not forget those that lost their lives because of this horrible virus and all the chaos and damage it caused during the past year and a half.

Summer is officially here with Memorial Day behind us and the summer solstice taking place in a few weeks. Summertime activities are popping up everyday with Covid restrictions being lifted so we can attend sporting events, bazaars, and other community festivals. Vacation sites are open and waiting for visitors to arrive to enjoy the locations, from back yard retreats to beaches or mountains, from church picnics to theme parks or to National Parks or foreign lands stay safe and enjoy whatever you do.

Remember the Sokol activities that are planned. You can participate in them with other members who are eagerly awaiting to enjoy themselves again. The Supreme Physical Fitness Board has organized the Sokol Fest in July and the Golf Tournament in August. Let us start enjoying our fraternal activities again and sign up before as they say there is no room at the inn. See you at the Sokol Fest and Golf Tournament.

The Scholarship Committee held its meeting to award our members the 2021 Slovak Catholic Sokol scholarships. Congratulations to all who are receiving a scholarship, your Society is delighted to help you financially with your education. Congratulations to all our members who are graduating this year. You have completed your educational studies and are ready to start the next chapter in your life. Your family, friends and Society are proud of your accomplishments and wish you much success in your future endeavors. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. Enjoy your special day with your family, they appreciate all that you do for them. We also must remember all the fathers we have lost in our families, they showed us how to live our lives so we can enjoy our lives and families.

Start enjoying your summer and remember stay safe and healthy.

With God’s Blessings to All!
Zdar Boh!!


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