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Michael J. Horvath

Message from our Supreme President

by Michael J. Horvath

Christmas have transformed over the years and each year there is something that is gained and lost. Before malls Christmas shopping was done in our downtowns where shoppers would dash from storeto-store in the warmth of the radiant glow of street lights, honking cars, cool breezes and snowflakes to look for the perfect gift at the best price. Then finding the strength to carry their treasures back to the car or carry them on a bus or subway back to their homes they finally got the time to relax with a warm drink with an evening meal to prepare for the family. Visions of past Yuletide memories!

Now with a warm or cool drink in hand, Christmas shopping is more relaxed, not as hectic and not as much fun. Shoppers go to websites in the comfort of an over-stuffed chair or bed and enter what they are looking for in the search box and amazingly up surfaces the options. Then selecting the item and going to check out to fill out purchasing, shipping and payment information and click OK it is on its way. And, within a day or days the package arrives on the door step. Isn’t this exciting?

The way we shop at Christmas time and other related aspects of Christmas have changed supposedly for the good, this is something debatable. However, there are two things that have remained the same which are the bedrock of Christmas and that are not debatable; they are the true meaning of Christmas, Christ the Savior was born and is the reason for Christmas and our Slovak Christmas traditions.

Even though the Christmas of 2020 will be different, it does not mean we turn our backs on the true meaning of Christmas. The first Christmas was some 2020 plus years ago and has been celebrated every year since. Christians have celebrated Christmas during many dark times throughout the ages when there were wars and other global problems. Christmas continues and it is the one holiday that brings us joy and happiness and a hope for a better future. Let us celebrate this Christmas as we have done in the past, remembering those that have passed down to us our beautiful and rich Slovak family Christmas traditions, the loved ones no longer celebrating with us, the family we have today and who will inherit the traditions for future celebrations and our fellow man who have a difficult time celebrating the joys of Christmas and its message.

So as we gather on this Štedry Vecer, Christmas Eve, for our Vilija let us enjoy our faith, Slovak heritage and customs with our family and friends and live our lives with the messages that are found in the, Slovak Vins, Christmas Wishes we recite and the Christmas message each and every day.

To all Slovak Catholic Sokol members, your families and our friends may your Christmas be filled with Prayer, Faith, Love, Happiness and Joy and the Horvath family: Michael, Suzanne, Heather; Jennifer, Carl and Kelci; Megan, James and Jonathan, Seamus and Andrew, wish all of you a very, Veselé Vianoce, Merry Christmas.

Stay Safe and Healthy,
And with, God’s Blessings to All!
Zdar Boh!


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