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SCS Sports: Tournament Hosting Information
Many of our members have asked the Supreme Physical Fitness Board what is required to host an international athletic tournament on behalf of our organization. The following is a general list of requirements that are necessary to host an event of this nature in your local group, lodge, wreath or assembly.
Proper Athletic Facilities: (minimum)
2 basketball courts and 1 volleyball court
48 bowling lanes (60 lanes is preferable)
4 softball diamonds (night lights are optional)
2 - 18 hole golf courses
Good, Comfortable Accommodations:
Close proximity to athletic facilities
Hotels (minimum)
◾ 50 double rooms - basketball/volleyball
◾ 150 double rooms - bowling
◾ 75 double rooms - softball
◾ 100 double rooms - golf
Good, Comfortable Accommodations:
◾ Friday night hospitality for 100
◾ Saturday night banquet for 200 participants (includes guests)
◾ Friday night hospitality for 100
◾ Saturday night banquet for 300 participants (includes guests)
◾ Two breakfasts for 200 participants (Sat/Sun)
◾ Saturday night dinner for 225 participants
◾ Two breakfasts for 200 participants (Sat/Sun)
◾ Friday night dinner for 200 participants
◾ Saturday night banquet for 250 participants (includes guests)
At all sporting events the utmost respect, cooperation and fair competition must be demonstrated by our athletes and coaches. Anyone who fails to honor these rules, will be disqualified and returned home at their expense.
Please Note: **
In all tournaments it is important to have a good local working committee and local contacts (i.e. hotel managers, etc.) that are willing to work with our organization and provide a good price package for the above requirements.
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